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Specialist Oil Paintings Repair and Restoration

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Fine Art Restoration

Based in the heart of Fulham, Alyson Lawrence is a painting restorer with over 30 years experience. She offers a premium service for restoration painting in London.  Alyson can restore your oil paintings to look at their best. She is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Providing you with a quality, full repairing as well as reconstruction solution of your cherish oil painted artwork throughout London since 1984.

Repair refers to the elimination of surface dust and also discoloured varnish layers and the treatment of the support. This sometimes includes the replacement of missing parts. Painting Restorations will mimic the original by matching similar pigments or building up fragments of sculpted or moulded areas of artwork.

Often, an additional layer of varnish is applied on top of dirty paint as a means to freshen it up. As a result, lots of old paints can have layers of dirt entrapped between varnish layers. Varnishing over surface area dust on a painting is not something that is recommended. If your painting is dirty, you're far better off getting your painting cleansed as well as changing the top layer of varnish if needed.

A good restorer will make sure that method used in the reconstruction procedure are reversible. Any kind of retouching is limited to the specific locations of paint loss or damages.

Techniques in Oil Painting Restoration

Before starting a restoration project, a conservator should analyse the work. Making a note of the signature to determine the artist. Trained as an art historian, the restorer can recognise the design, the painting method, as well as the materials available to an artist of that time. This understanding will help identify the pigments as well as textiles that were popular. It'll  assist him or her figure out the most effective strategy for the restoration.

If a layer of varnish is found, a conservator will perform a small cleaning test to eliminate it. Utilising a solvent on a cotton bud, a conservator clears away a small window, showing the real shade underneath. This process is used to determine the colour palette used by the original artist. The whites are white, the blues are blue. And so it continues as each pigment. It responds to the solvents- different solvents in different strength with different rates of dissipation.

madonna restoration before and after